SECRETS & MYSTERIES curated by Susan Swihart.
When an image hints at its meaning, but is somehow obscured, it creates mystery. We then must look longer and deeper, searching for clues. Maybe the story in the picture is so personal to the artist, that the viewer will never know what's hidden. Still, the image is powerful, mysterious and beautiful. What is hidden? What is unknown? Share your secrets with us.

Note from Susan Swihart: "What an honor to review all the submitted images for “Secrets and Mysteries”! The entries were all wonderfully different, and together, made an extraordinary collection, which I spent a long time with. Choosing just a few, was incredibly difficult. Thank you to all the artists for sharing their work with me!"
Thanks to all that entered our competition and because part of our mission is to help charities, know that though you may not have placed, you HAVE helped two charities. 

Swihart's charity is -  (House Ear Institute has long been a leader in defining the causes of hearing and balance disorders and improving sensory devices and diagnostic technologies. Their discoveries have led to improved treatments and care for millions of people around the world. For over five decades, House Ear Institute scientists have been engaged in an exploration of the auditory system from the ear canal through the inner ear and into the cortex of the brain. They have sought to improve hearing aids and auditory implants and develop innovative treatments and intervention methods.)

The 2nd charity you have helped is from first place winner Shawn Saumell. He chose Americans United for Life, the nation's leader in helping ensure that every human being is welcomed in life and protected in law.

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