CALL FOR ENTRY: 'What Remains' with curator Jody Miller.
Note from Jody Miller: "We are almost always intrigued by what is left behind, either when a disaster strikes or simply when a home (or a city) is abandoned. The theme of ruin and abandonment provides a great deal of emotional impact and the imagery produced from these places of ruin can stay with us for a long time. There is a sense of time standing still and unreality that prods us with so many questions, yet provides very few answers.

'Remains' can be physical remains, or they could be the remains of an emotional nature: the breakup of a relationship, a loss of a loved one, the end of a period of our lives. The choice is yours, but it must embody the theme of "what remains".

Note from Jody Miller to entrants: "Wow! You all blew my socks off. Over 200 entries and all such strong work. Kudos to each one of you. You made my decisions so very difficult, but in the best way possible. I congratulate each of you on work that was so well thought out and executed. Believe me, there were many more that I would have recognized with an award if possible. You all made me proud of our photographic community and our mutual love of fine art photography."

Jody Miller's picks:

1st Place- 'Late Dad' by Paula Rae Gibson
2nd Place- 'Objects of Ruin, XLII' by SameSource

Honorable Mentions
1- 'Proof' by Ellen Jantzen
2- 'Once Upon a Time' by Vicky Martin
3- 'At Rest' by KC Chiappa
4- 'I Speak for the Trees' by Kathryn Reichert
5- ' Plain Ranches I by Lori Carey
6- 'Abandoned School, Japan' by Alan Black

A percentage of artist fees goes to 2 charities each competition.

Jody's charity is the Sacred Stone Camp Legal Defense Fund.

First Place Winner Paula Rae Gibson has chosen Mercy Corps.
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