L.A. Photo Curator Results
Theme: 'Solace' curated by Jody Miller

Note from Jody Miller:
My choices were based on the following values: 1) How well the images reflected the theme "Solace"
2) How well the images were crafted, and 3) How well the images appealed to my personal eye, a completely subjective appraisal.  There were many thoughtful and beautiful entries, and I want to thank each one of you who chose to send in an entry."

Miller's choices:
My first place choice is Ellen Jantzen's "Let the Others Follow".  This beautiful image embodies the idea of a place of solace and beckons the viewer inside the image, with its central "tunnel" of light and soft deep color. It's exquisitely crafted and satisfies the seeker in so many ways. Thanks to Ellen for her lovely work.
Second place is "Shiloh" by Victory Tischler-Blue. A sharp, striking and emotional portrait of this lovely animal, conveying the peace it gives the viewer.
Honorable mentions go to Sam Blair for 'The Estuary" and Shāna-Einhorn for "There is no Immunity from Life".
10% of artist entry fees goes to the curator's choice of charity. Miller has chosen Return to Freedom, a wild horse conservation group. Another 10% will go to the first place winner Ellen Jantzen's choice of charity
the Coalition to stop violence against native women: https://www.csvanw.org/