THEME: 'The Human Spirit'  
A note from curator Michael Rababy:
"curating this was much harder than I had imagined. I have never viewed the arts as a competitive sport, so it was challenging for me to pick a first, second, third place etc. some of the images were not formatted correctly, so I ruled those out, and then I became more critical than I usually am with technical craft to help narrow down the rest. 
in the exhibits I normally curate I select work that speaks to me and simply pass on the rest. although I was forced to whittle these down to a few lucky winners for “the human spirit”, I ultimately picked 21 images that I thought were fantastic. great work!"
First Place: Prescott Lassman 'Smooshface'.
Curator Michael Rababy
 says, “I've noticed that I've always drawn my camera toward children and older people. maybe we are so busy in middle-age looking for a partner, or trying to make money, that we don’t have time to be whimsical or get lost in a moment. I feel like this image absolutely captures a window into the soul of these two girls. there is an inherent silliness but also a depth in their eyes. the black and white really makes this timeless and reminds me of the humanist photographers from the beginning of the 20th century. the heart necklace is a nice bonus.

Second Place: Ellen Friedlander 'Mom'
Rababy says, "I love the feeling the subject exudes. she loves her daughter and loves life!"
Honorable Mentions: 
Ora Buekli 'Introspection'
Never Edit 'Beach 1'
Sepp Van Dun 'Fragile - もろい - The Real Spiderman'
Eric Davidove 'The Mission District'
Norman Aragones 'Shared' 
SameSource 'Latex Pool Party'
Best Series: Maude Bardet - 'Chilaw Sisters'.
Rababy says, "This travel series is spectacular."

Honorable Mention Series: Paul Sisson 'Missed Encounters'.
Rababy says, "I love the concept and hope to see more."
20% of artist entry fees go to charity. 

10% of artist entry fees goes to the curator's choice of charity. Rababy has chosen Writegirl. WriteGirl is a Los Angeles-based creative writing and mentoring organization that spotlights the power of a girl and her pen. WriteGirl, matches girls with women writers who mentor them in creative writing.

Another 10% will go to the first place winner's choice of charity. Prescott Lassman has chosen the Ukrainian Culture Center Foundation, Inc., which are accepting donations for humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

ALL entrants work is shown on their own page with their artist statement, website info, bio and parts of their CV in Exhibition #1-3