CALL FOR ENTRY: 'The Art of Timelessness' with curator Lisa Gizara.

 “As artists- one nurtures and comes to possess a visually attuned intuition. For some gaining this second sight takes a lifetime of hunting and searching. Others seem to be born with this keen sense of knowing.  Most of us have experienced these timeless yet eternal essences. Like a memory lodged deep inside our psyche- these transitory moments are illusive and appear quick as lightning. When I recognize these split second visuals- it catches my breath and my heart beats faster while I attempt to capture the fleeting second of light, composition and memory." Lisa Gizara

Gizara's note to all entrants:
"Thank you everyone for taking the time to go through your archives, selecting your best and then contributing to this online competition. I am aware of how much thought, time and effort you all went through to submit your work. And I encourage you all to continue to search the world for your "thoughts" and capture them with your cameras.

It really is a lifelong effort and endeavor to do this. And the more years that I do the same, the more finely tuned my portfolios become. Man Ray said, and I paraphrase, that when a person can take a portrait of the pope and an apple with the same attention to detail, you have truly mastered your craft. Keep on shooting!"

20% of all artist fees go to two charities a month. They're split between the curator's favorite charity and the first place winner's favorite charity.

Gizara has chosen the ASPCA for her charity.

M. Alexander Weber as chosen The Ocean Conservancy (to protect our oceans)

Here are Gizara's picks:

First Place: M. Alexander Weber- 'Movement 5'
Second Place: Trish Reschly - 'Weariness'
Honorable Mention:  Ann Marie Donahue - 'Alcatraz Twins'
Honorable Mention: Yasmin Afrazeh - 'All the Memories of this House'
Honorable Mention:  Steven Bowers- 'Soar Winners II'
Honorable Mention:  Robin Apple- 'Babies'
Honorable Mention: Harry Longstreet- 'Then and Now- Man in Bar'

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