CALL FOR ENTRY: 'Senses working Overtime' with curator Peter Bennett.

Note from Bennett:
"One of the first things I talk to my students about is the challenge of experiencing a scene or subject with four or five of our senses and then translating those feelings into a two-dimensional frame and image. I might be standing on a beach, watching a beautiful sunset, feeling the sand beneath my feet, listening to the waves crash and the gulls chirp and smelling the salty ocean breezes, but how do I distill all the sensory information, other than visual, into a photograph?
To successfully achieve my goal, I have to focus on what visually, and only visually, is contributing to and invoking my feelings about the subject. More importantly I must exclude things that are not contributing to that feeling or distracting from it.
Please submit photographs of subjects or scenes that you feel have successfully captured a number of senses. Can you smell the delicious plate of food you shot? Can you feel the cool autumn breezes of the rural landscape you photographed or the sound of a creek gurgling by?
I would also say we have more than five senses, so maybe you feel the aura of the person you are photographing, the love or anger they are conveying, or simply the glow they feel with the warmth of the light upon their face.
There is no wrong way to do this, I just ask that you explore a variety of feelings outside the purely visual one and see what is there. Light, shadow, color and texture are the obvious components we use in our work, but what is underneath them for us to explore?"

Peter Bennett's picks:

1st Place- 'Guardian Angel' by Harry Longstreet
2nd Place- 'Currency Exchange Union Street Chicago' by Ursula Sokolowska

Honorable Mentions
1- 'Feel' by Heidi Golznig
2- 'Amidst the Tide' by Will Nourse
3- 'A Crack in the World' by Barbara Kyne

20% of all artist fees go to two charities a month. They're split between the curator's favorite charity and the first place winner's favorite charity.

Peter Bennett has chosen Friends of the L.A. River as his charity.

First Place Winner Harry Longstreet has chosen The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Born from one family’s passion for Kenya and its wilderness, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is today the most successful orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world and one of the pioneering conservation organizations for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa.

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