CALL FOR ENTRY: 'Transience' with curator Adam Finkelston (Publisher/The Hand Magazine.)
Adam Finkelston's picks:
1st Place-  Mark Cáceres, After The Fire: The Lazarus Dream
2nd Place-  Leslie King, 351 West Zia Road
Honorable Mentions
1. Jeannie Hutchins, No Answers #1
2. Stacie Ann Smith, Hollow
3. Tom Chambers, Pretty As Me

Note from Finkelston: " I would first like to thank Laurie Freitag for asking me to jury this call for entries. All of the entrants had a unique approach and interpretation of the theme. It was interesting to see the variety of points of view, subject matter, and media. It seemed that there were two main approaches to the theme: the transience of body and the transience of spirit. Most of the entries centered- it seemed to me- on issues of either physical health or psychic health. Age and time, memory and loss, sickness and death, recurred as themes. Also very present was nature and our relationship to it. I loved Stacie Ann Smith’s images of the figure in nature, suggesting a feeling of disconnect or longing for a closer relationship to birds, trees, and sky. Tom Chambers’ images are so finely crafted, full of symbols and visual labyrinths. They are colorful and sharp, almost surreal in their dreaminess. And Jeannie Hutchins’ images seem profound and weighty, celebrating life by acknowledging the steady, “tick tick tick” of time.

I hope that the entrants came into the contest not to win but to treat it as an exercise in contemplating transience. Every one of the images was valid, enlightening, interesting, and thoughtful. Fittingly, my own reading of the images is transient as well. I slept on my selections to be sure I would feel no remorse. However, I am sure that in another week or another year, entirely different images might speak louder to me; might resonate more. So thank you to all of the entrants for allowing me to meditate on your interpretations of the theme. I have always thought of art making as a conversation. Your images spoke to me, and I thought about them and came away with new insights. I can’t ask for more than that"

15% of artist fees go to 2 charities per competition. 7.5% to the curator's choice of charity and 7.5% to the first place winner's chosen charity.

Finkelston has chosen the charity Change The Truth. It is run by his friend, photographer Gloria Baker-Feinstein. She started it to help an orphanage in Uganda. Finkelston loves that it's education and art oriented, and that it has a local origin with global ambitions.

First Place Winner Mark Caceres has chosen the church where his photo was taken as his chosen charity. Holy Sabbath Ministries Church burned down in the middle of the night last year and the church does not have insurance to cover rebuilding costs. Follow this link to help rebuild the church.
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