THEME: 'In the City'
CURATOR: Juliet Haas

A note from curator Juliet Haas:
"First I want to give a huge thank you to all of the artists who chose to participate in LA Photo Curator’s CFE In The City. I am grateful for your time and the consideration you have each taken to present your work. With 10% of your entry fees we were able to donate $100- to the Joyful Heart Foundation who’s vision is to realize a future free from domestic violence and child abuse.
As I chose to work with a blind selection, the Curating process was especially challenging for me. There were SO many incredible images and series submitted I had to begin with a process of elimination to pare down to a couple dozen, and then pick just one 1st place winner. Then I had to go through the process all over again to choose one 2nd place winner before selecting the few others I LOVE as Honorable Mentions and Series. 
Many of the images I have selected are not what may be considered traditional photography. I have veered far off the path from street photography and architectural study to select work that strikes me with the “feeling" of being In The City now as we move into an unknowable future. Images that offer something different, infusing a scene with bold energy and layered dynamics, addressing old world cultural traditions and at the same time melding visuals into a new idea of what the city may become. An idealized version of a city with all the new technologies and variations of processing images and how they are viewed for consumption and collecting. And of course each image had to stand on its own as an artwork that can be installed large scale on someone’s wall. Images that I would hang in my own home if I had the space to do so.
I hope you enjoy the work I have curated for In The City, and Congratulations to the Winning artists!"
Sincerely, Juliet Haas

First Place: Wayne Swanson- 'Metropolis'
Second Place: Connie Conway- 'Fairfax & Wilshire, Los Angeles
Honorable Mentions:
Jim McKinniss- 'At the Museum #8'
Kathryn Dunlevie- 'Ascension'
Jane Gottlieb- 'Disney Hall Wonderland'
Best Series: Diane Meyer

20% of artist entry fees go to charity. 
10% of artist entry fees goes to the curator's choice of charity. Haas has chosen the Joyful Heart Foundation whose vision is a world free of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse. 

Another 10% will go to the first place winner Wayne Swanson's choice of charity.
Swanson has chosen the International Rescue Committee.

ALL entrants work is shown on their own page with their artist statement, website info, bio and parts of their CV in Exhibition #1-6