CALL FOR ENTRY: 'Hometown' with curator Barb Peacock

Note from Barb: "I wish to extend a huge expression of gratitude to all who participated. I was overwhelmed with the quality of the work and I had an enormously difficult time selecting the winners. The level of work was very high and I painstakingly made my choices but want all the participants to know I left a lot of great work on the cutting room floor.  I want to encourage everyone who participated to continue shooting, showing and entering your work. Thank you all. Barb " 
Barb Peacock's picks:

1st Place- 'Unrequited' by Rebecca Weston
2nd Place- 'Girl' by Melanie Metz
Honorable Mentions
1. 'Ferry to the Prom' by Harry Longstreet
2. 'Fox Killer' by Seiya Bowen
3. 'Sistersbond-1' by Nadia Stone
4. 'My Sister Ironing' by Jonathan David Smyth

Peacock has chosen the charity Good Shepard Food Bank of Maine

First Place Winner Rebecca Weston has chosen the Southern Poverty Law Center as her charity.
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