In honor of Earth Day, I have carefully looked through the thousands of images submitted to L.A. Photo Curator's 44 competitions since its inception (2015) & N.Y. Photo Curator's 18 competitions since it's inception in 2018 to bring you 129 images that I think best depict Earth Day.

I was fascinated at the endless ways these artists have chosen to depict this planet. I urge you to sit down and really take in each image.

First held on April 22, 1970, Earth Day now includes a wide range of events coordinated globally by  including 1 billion people in more than 193 countries. 

A good way to honor Earth Day is...well, you know what to do!

By popular demand a book of the exhibition is forthcoming. Details soon!

Laurie Freitag
Director- L.A. Photo Curator & N.Y. Photo Curator

Here are the photographers that are included in this online exhibition. Click on the links at the bottom of the pages to go to the exhibition.

Exhibition #1: 

Andrea Waxler
Anushe Shoro
Don Agnello
Christina Storm
Deb Ehrens
Donna Bassin
Debra Achen
Charlotte Schmid-Maybach

Collins Walker
Dawn Watson
Laurie Freitag
Bruce Flye
Gary Beeber
Diane Kaye
Ann Marie Donahue
Nadezda Nikolova-Kratzer
Catherine Marcogliese

Douglas Hill
Cas Slagboom
Diane Cockerill
Carol Eisenberg
Anne Berry
C.E. Morse
Dale Niles
Carol Horigan
Chel Delaney
Ann Prochilo
David Quinn
Dean Forbes
Dianne Yudelson
Bree Lamb

Exhibition #2:

Ellen Jantzen
Fabio Rossi
Gene Ambeau
Tim Greyhavens

Laura Aubree
Kathryn Reichert
Frank Curran

Erica Reade
Eric Renard
Gilles Nicolet
Dennis Geller
Frank Fuerst
Fiona Howarth
Gina Genis
Harold Weimann
Howard Lewis
Paul Ivanushka
Karen Klinedinst
Janet Milhomme
Joni Friedman
Julie Williams-Krishnan
Kathryn Reichert
Laura Blacklow
Lee Smith
Judy Brown
Lisa Bromwell,

Exhibition #3:

Ron Smid
Lori Pond
Sam Blair
Mary Dondero
Shauna Caldwell
Paula Riff
Maureen Haldeman
Marna Bell
Steven Bowers
Saskia Boelsums
Shelby Cude
R.J. Kern,
Michael Jantzen
Mildred Alpern
Malicious Sheep
PD Packard
Michael Koch
Paul Ivanushka
Saskia Boelsums
Michael Wood
Michel O'Hara
Mara Zaslove
Nils Karlson
Roberta Ruocco
Richard Alan Cohen
Shaun Stamp
Sonia Melnikova-Raich

Exhibition #4:

Chris Jones
Kathy Curtis Cahill
Tim Creamer
Susie Forrester
Harold Weimann
Todd Stuart
Nina Collosi-Martinez
Tom Stahl
Toni Gagne
Ashli Fiorini
Neelakatan Sunder
Dennis Geller
Buku Sarkar
Storm Sermay
James Baturin
Saskia Boelsums
Lisa Gizara
Wendy Savage
Sheri Neva
Mara Zaslove
Yoav Friedlaner
Dian Hymer
Virginia Smith
Stevie Rosenfeld
Victory Tischler