2021 Top 40 Images Submitted to L.A. Photo Curator & N.Y. Photo Curator calls for entry.
by Laurie Freitag
(Founder/Director L.A. Photo Curator & N.Y. Photo Curator)
"I started the Top 40 in 2019 when I wanted to find a way to honor the photographs that really stood out. I was aware of these images because entrants had submitted their work to a competition either to L.A. or N.Y. Photo Curator.
The images submitted are always so impressive and I'm so grateful to see the wide variety of styles that photographers choose to express themselves. I often feel as if I'm having a private gallery show in my living room. Thanks so much to the photographers for creating these works and sharing their personal journey.

These images were submitted to specific themes over the year but they alone really have so much to say- they stand on their own regardless of a theme.

A good photograph is not just a pretty picture. It's an entrance into an intimate space, another world, a timeless moment frozen that moved the artist to take/make the photograph. And what was it that made the artist choose this moment to share? We don't know but like all art, it's all subjective and there are different meanings and messages for us all.

I hope you will take some time and sit with these images that in my opinion are special enough to be called iconic."

Click on link below to see all the images in this online exhibition.