L.A. Photo Curator Results for 'Opening Up' curated by Laurie Freitag.

A note from Laurie Freitag:
"Thank you to all the photographers who entered Opening Up! This was a small outing with 45 images but some really very good images nonetheless.

I had asked to see what your worlds looked like now that the vaccine had been distributed and I was glad to see the variety of interpretations.

From the contemplative work of Chel Delaney ('Bound by Uncertainty'-first place and Best Series) to the playfulness of Ellen Freidlander's street photography, 'Boston Sunbather', Lost Slippers' (Second Place) and 'The Pied Piper of Boston' two completely different takes on what 'Opening Up' looked like to them. And Kyle Mangione-Smith's beautifully composed 'Aquarium' gives us a look at parenting in Covid times.

Katherine Dunlevie's new series of feminine characters, who as she says, 'meet the world head on, their patchwork interiors hinting at what they have lived' are something really unique and both Olesya Konovalova's 'Tag' and Eveline Schneider 'Together we are Strong' just pull at the heart strings with both melancholy and joy.
Thank goodness we have artists to express to the world what the inner workings of our outer world might look like. From their eyes we learn how to see from different perspectives."
1st Place: Chel Delaney 'Bound by Uncertainty'
2nd Place: Ellen Friedlander 'Lost Slippers'

3rd Place:  Kyle Mangione-Smith 'Aquarium'

Best Series: Chel Delaney
Honorable Mentions:
Katherine Dunlevie: 'Persephone'
Olesya Konovalova: 'Tag'
Eveline Schneider: 'Together we are Strong'

10% of artist entry fees will go to Chel Delaney's choice of charity,
The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services.

Another 10% will go to curator Laurie Freitag's choice of charity, SEVA (restoring sight around the world).