Honorable Mentions:
L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' Honorable Mentions: (click on image for larger view-for computers only)
DIVE by Bree Lamb
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Curator Emma Powell: "I found Bree Lamb’s photograph Dive particularly intriguing. The surprising flying figure, whose body echoes the shape of the distant mountain range inhabits a strange, but believable landscape. The color helps the viewer decipher what is being shown in this image. The tension between the vernacular and modern photographs create a mysterious mood."

Bree Lamb: "The project, Echo, is still in its early stages and is still very much a work in progress. It is growing out of my interest in portraying shared human experiences and bridging temporal gaps. I am combining photographs of landscapes that I have taken with images of older family members. By merging photographs of specific family members at times before I was born with images of dramatic, seemingly timeless landscapes, I am exploring my own curiosities about genetic connections within a larger context of shared human experience."

Lamb is a working artist and photographer based in New Mexico. She received her MFA in Photography from the University of New Mexico in 2015. She is a
Beaumont Newhall/Van Deren Coke Fellow. Her work has been exhibited in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, and she is represented by Gallery 19 in Chicago. Bree is Assistant Editor at Fraction Magazine, and Project Manager for Rogue Press.

She is an Adjunct Professor in Creative Media Technology at Doña Ana Community
College in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Bree has previously worked for Wildenstein &
Company, The Center for Photography at Woodstock, Fovea Exhibitions, and photo
technique Magazine.

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L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' Honorable Mentions: (click on image for larger view-for computers only)
SEA CREATURE by Sarah Elise Abramson
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Curator Emma Powell: "Sarah Elise Abramson’s photograph Sea Creature 1 is wonderfully weird. It makes me want to ask so many questions. The color choices are bold and unexpected for the context. The contrast of the blue water against the brilliant red of the figure strengthens the overall impact of the photograph. This image has a strong use movement, which suites the surreal figure."

Sarah Elise Abramson: "There is an enigmatic and mystifying place that every person that's ever lived has visited.  We do so with an obscure regularity that we take for granted as conscious beings.  The realm of our dreams is one with which we are all familiar.  Where elucidation occurs as we are suddenly granted access to our innermost thoughts and where reality seems as distant from us as resolves to the things that eat at us from within.  These answers lay dormant in our subconscious, and these inherent truths are granted to us only though the effort of not overlooking this place we all frequent. "Parallels" is a visual, non linear timeline that explores the sensation of confusing dreams with reality and the altered reflection it shows us into ourselves.
Nature plays its vital role in this, as a messenger between humans and veracity from its magical and consummate place embedded in our souls.  Through the boxes in which society stores us away and labels accordingly, and onto the grey areas- that is where humanity dwells, in the wealth of things beyond our understanding.  There are indisputable truths in the reflections on a glassy body of water and harsh sun light through a leaf, veins exposed and vulnerable.  These are experiences or occurrences that escape the logic of empirical materialism and our subconsciouses have carried these truths down through generations, passing the symbols along to us, a parallel realm of ethereal narrative.

When we confuse our dreams with actuality, there is a reason for it.  Like the spaces in between the silence, if something only takes place in our mind does that mean it's not reality? This series reflects my time spent in this place- in the parallel dreamworld."
Abramson writes a monthly column piece for American Art Collector magazine as well as Culture magazine. She has curated numerous shows in Los Angeles while studying her craft as a photographer under the likes of Susan Worsham, Taso Papadakis, and David LaChapelle. She continues to study under and work with LaChapelle with exciting future collaborations in the works. After a three year residency at Angel Gates Cultural center, her accomplishments have been featured in multiple publications including the Huffington Post, Monster Children, Beautiful Bizarre magazine, Coachella magazine, and The Photographic Journal. She has exhibited at The Louvre, SOMArts, The Vex, The Egan Gallery, Gregorio Escalante Gallery, BG Gallery, The Arsenal of Venice in Italy, Jamie Brooks Gallery, and The Eventi Hotel Big Screen Plaza in New York City, to name a few.  Abramson is additionally the creator and editor-in-chief of Slow Toast, an annual independent art publication. 

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L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' Honorable Mentions: (click on image for larger view-for computers only)
SNAG by Lauren Fiebert
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Curator Emma Powell: "Lauren Fiebert’s image Snag suggests memory or memory loss. It appears to be dissolving. There are holes where detail is missing, yet we can still decipher the figure and the path she is on.  The Mordancage effect brings together the figure, the landscape, and the mood. I am drawn to strong integration of chemical manipulation with the scene. It is difficult to make Mordancage feel integrated into a photograph without being seeming artificial but Fiebert succeeds in creating a powerful image."

Lauren Fiebert: "My work involves self-portraiture and personal narrative relating to my own relationship within this world. I take it upon myself to perform for the camera as my own habitual and meditative way of coping. It is within this process I’ve found my own refuge."

Lauren Frances Fiebert is a Pennsylvania native, and BFA candidate in Photography at East Carolina University. Her work merges performance in self-portraiture with physical manipulation of alterative process.
Her work has appeared in the following exhibitions:
-Pitt Community College Community Exhibition
-Goess Student Center, Winterville, NC
-Rebel 58- First Place In Traditional Photography, Emerge Gallery, Greenville, NC
-ECU School of Art and Design, Undergraduate Exhibition
-Wellington B. Grey Gallery Greenville, NC

Contact Fiebert at: fiebertlauren@gmail.com