HONORABLE MENTIONS: Sam Blair 'The Estuary" & Shāna-Einhorn "There is no Immunity from Life".
L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' HONORABLE MENTIONS: Sam Blair 'The Estuary" & Shāna-Einhorn "There is no Immunity from Life". (Click on image for larger view)
THE ESTUARY by Sam Blair
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Sam Blair says, "My Polaris, the North Star that navigates me through this New Dark Age, is Awe.

Enough, now, with tribalism, narcissism, and all those lies. Look!  Beauty and Awe surrounds us! The poet, W.B. Yeats said it best: “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow larger”. I seek those “magic things” that create within me that sense of Beauty, Wonder, and Awe.  

I photograph not what I see, but what I feel. Objective reality for me is just the raw material from which I try to express my emotional response. Combining the exterior world with my inner response creates a new reality, expressed in black and white with light and shadows. 

I find Awe from those magic things in Nature-our oceans and mountains and forests-and in the animals and in people of all kinds.  All of us are on this journey together, alive at the same time, on the same planet, all star shards from an ancient blast, doing the best we can.

I view artists and poets as Apostles of The Awe, whose mission is to remind each other and ourselves, that darkness, like the cold, shadow side of the moon, always gives way to the warm light of the sun." 

A self taught, multiple award winning photographer, currently addicted to travel and adventure, having wandered so far through over 90 countries; a recovering trial lawyer, finally in right brain mode as a passionate lover of Nature, particularly drawn to Oceans, plus almost all Homo Sapiens, and our irrepressible impulses for both good and bad; dedicated to making a wobbly world a wee better. Favorite mantra to live by, acquired in hospice volunteer training,  “It’s not about you”.







L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' HONORABLE MENTIONS: Sam Blair 'The Estuary" & Shāna-Einhorn "There is no Immunity from Life". (Click on image for larger view)
(Click on image for larger view)

Shāna-Einhorn says, "These works are from my new series, Compost, where I am exploring, as well as creating, the narrative within the mother and daughter relationship. Fundamental themes of identity, fear, birth, significance, belonging and connection are revealed. The following quote has been a guiding principle:
"... human beings are not born once and for all on the day their mothers give birth to them, ... life obliges them over and over again to give birth to themselves.”
Gabriel Garcia Marquez 

I am a fine art photographer from Huntington, NY. My art is not about image, it's about essence and as such I think of my work as a spiritual photography. The images explore one's connection to self, each other and the natural world, using mostly old manual cameras with black & white film and lately mobile photography. I came to photography two years after a cancer diagnosis back in 2003 when a friend loaned me a camera. 

While struggling with questions regarding despair vs. life the camera became my lifeline. It soon became apparent that photography was to become my life's endeavor as a connection to the medium quickly deepened. One can say that I used this new opportunity as a way to re-shape my world.

My intention was to connect and make good pictures; not to theorize about them – that came much later. The constraints and ramifications of living with chronic illness inform much of my art, as themes of connection and isolation permeate much of the work. Ultimately it is an inquiry about belonging and significance. My work has been in over 35 group exhibitions both juried and otherwise, and currently is in 3 private collections."

Career Highlights:

Shāna's fine art work has been exhibited across the U.S and Europe in galleries and print including The Center for Fine Art Photography, PhotoPlace Gallery, Lightbox Photographic Gallery, PH21 Gallery, Feature Shoot, The Griffin Museum, The Curated Fridge and photoludica.
Selected Group Exhibitions

The Curated Fridge – Somerville, MA August 2018

"Under The Sun" Exhibition – Ann M. Jastrab, Juror

foto foto Gallery - Huntington, NY  January 2018

13th National Photography Competition – Ann M. Jastrab, Juror

PhotoPlace Gallery – Middlebury VT  June 2017

"Honoring Trees" Exhibition – Laura Valenti, Juror

Lightbox Photographic Gallery - Astoria, Oregon June 2016

"Plastic Fantastic VII" Exhibition - Susan Burnstine, Juror

PH21 Gallery - Budapest, Hungary, June  2016

"Intimacy" Exhibition - Zsolt Bátori, Juror

The Center for Fine Art Photography - Fort Collins, CO June 2016

"Night" Exhibition - Sean Corcoran, Juror

photolucida - Lightbox Photographic Gallery Astoria, OR

& Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA, May-July 2016

"The Elevated Selfie" Exhibition - Laura Valenti & Laura Moya, Jurors

Photo Independent - The International Exposition of Contemporary

Photography, Hollywood CA, April 29-May 1 2016

The Mobile Photography Show - various jurors.

AwardsHonorable Mention:

LA Photo Curator, Confronting Mortality, 2018, USA, Juror, Jane Szabo
Honorable Mention, PH21 Gallery, Intimacy, 2016, Budapest, Hungary


LA Photo Curator: International Photography Awards - Confronting Mortality - Juror, Jane Szabo
www.laphotocurator.com November 2018
PhotoPlace Gallery - Open Call 2018 - Douglas Beasley, Juror September 2018
Hamptons Art Hub –  "View From Home" Exhibition – Anita Rogers, Juror November 2017
Feature Shoot – featureshoot.com November 2016

"The Secrets of Nighttime"
LA Photo Curator: International Photography Awards The Human Relationship to Water - www.laphotocurator.com May 2017
LA Photo Curator: International Photography Awards 

Comic Relief - www.laphotocurator.com May 2016
LA Photo Curator: International Photography Awards The Figure In The Landscape - www.laphotocurator.com April 2016