First Place- Joni Friedman 'Peace'
L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' First Place- Joni Friedman 'Peace' (Click on image for larger view)
PEACE by Joni Friedman
(Click on image for larger view)

Review by curator Wendi Schneider:
"This image immediately inspired a restful sigh and calm. Everything seemed to come together and work for me.

I was drawn into the the heavy clouds, the muted colors, the juxtaposition of clouds and sea, and the sinuous curves of the inlets. The warm tones of the marsh grasses provided a pleasing contrast to the desaturated colors of the sky and water, reminding me of the life hidden within. A sense of serenity washed over me and I longed to be transported there, to revel in the stillness"
Wendi Schneider asks, "What were you feeling when you made this image?" 

Joni Friedman says, "I was driving by this spot on the way home. It is a magical spot near my house and it took my breath away on this day. I pulled over and walked around. It was soft and peaceful, heaven meeting earth. It is one of my most favorite images."

Schneider asks, "When you look at it now, has your perception changed?"

Friedman says, "In my mind it is much more blurred and impressionistic. When I view the image, I see it as a meditative labyrinth. I get lost in the movement of water and sky."

Schneider asks, "Have you printed this image?"

Friedman says, "I have not printed this."

Schneider asks, "What kind of print do you think will best enhance or portray the image and the emotion you wish to express?"

Friedman says, "Printed on a larger, matte surface , this image would emote the meditative peace."

Additional review by Douglas Stockdale:
Regarding "Peace" by Joni Friedman; the subdued lighting of this landscape creates an almost monochromatic vista for me.

The reflection on the water is just light enough to pull my eye through the maze of reeds, thus creating a form of visual meditation.

As a result I do feel a sense of calmness and slowing of time, permitting me some personal introspection, as I gaze on this delicate photograph, which for me is an important aspect of an act of serenity. Nicely seen, captured and creatively rendered.
Douglas Stockdale
Artist & Educator

Joni Friedman talks about her journey, "My first camera was a Brownie. I think I was 9. My dad bought me a Minolta for my 16th birthday. I just lent it to my daughter in college. I love photography. After 25 years in the publishing business art directing book covers and living in NYC, I moved permanently to New Suffolk, NY in 2005. My friend and neighbor gives weekly classes in mono printing in which I often refer to my photographs for subjects.
For the last 14 years I have been working as a massage therapist on the Northfork of Long Island, NY."​