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THE PATH by Amanda Mason
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"For the second place winner, Amanda Mason, her image appears dreamlike with a strong sense of narrative - is it a path back in time or a path forward? That perhaps leaves a viewer to fill in the blank."
Amanda Mason graduated from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts in 1998. Since then she has worked both as a photographer and designer both in the UK and Australia and now resides in Sydney with her two sons where she is more focused on her artistic practice. She has been exhibited locally and internationally, and is committed to using analogue processes to create and connect directly with her work. She uses the characteristics of film to create images into which you escape to another world. Inspired by nature, literature, Surrealism, Memory and a place that exists between waking and sleeping.

Mason says of her work,"I am constantly exploring our direct connection to nature, in a world where connection itself is a constantly changing landscape. As our brains and lifestyles quickly rewire to adjust constantly to the absorption and effect and of rapidly developing technologies, our connections to nature, real people and culture are in danger of diminishing and being forgotton. As we connect and devour knowledge from behind a screen, we no longer touch the life that surrounds us with bare hands. Since becoming a mother, I have become more aware of the changing mind, as I see my children grow up seamlessly with technology. I hope that within this rapidly changing landscape, they can still grow up with true empathy for the earth that lies beneath their feet and that the natural world remains a part of their memory as much as it does mine."
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