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IN THE CLOUDS by Mara Zaslove
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Mara Zaslove says of her work, "'In the Clouds' recalls a time in my childhood when I 'lived outdoors’ in an open and ‘safe’ environment.  Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, my family would often drive over the hill to get to Zuma Beach.  I loved this escape from THE HEAT even though I was afraid to swim in the ocean.   ‘In the Clouds’ is symbolic of my desire to soar like a bird.  As a child, I would often ‘fly’ in my dreams, my eyesight unhindered, and experience a sensational feeling of freedom.  It was liberating to ‘climb’ above the clouds and look down at the beauty below.  It left me with a sense of wonder and youthful abandon.
In a metaphorical sense, this photo captures these ’memories’."
Zaslove has most recently had her photographs represented by bG/BGart Gallery at Bergamot Station and  haleArts Gallery in Santa  Monica. Currently she is developing two series; one focused on the depletion of the Salton Sea and the other, on ‘Aging Gracefully’.
For info about Zaslove go to: www.photosbymara.com

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Bin Feng says of his work, "This photo series continues to explore the idea of “American Dream” from an eastern male gaze. Iconic elements are employed to reconstruct the spectacle. Concealed as the relations between classes, the true character is revealed, and a social necessity has been secured in constructing the new spectacle as such an illusive representation. By staging the moment of daily life, the artist performs as an actor and jumps between the fiction and reality, which essentially conveys the notion of the history of a man is mobilized by images."
Bin Feng was born in 1989 in Shanghai, China. He received his BFA from Shanghai Institute of Visual Art in 2012. At the same year, he started the MFA program of Photography in Savannah College of Art and Design, where he currently resides. Being a photographer, he also makes video installations, sculptures and large-scale oil paintings. As the result of the language barrier, he becomes an outsider in United States. However, he takes the benefit of it and he is dedicated to act in the gap between the cultural differences.

Feng has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally. For more information about Bin Feng go to:
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MOVING AGAIN by Kathy Curtis Cahill
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"Moving Again" is part of the collection entitled, "Memories and Demons."

Kathy Curtis Cahill says of her work,
"Childhood memories are not always happy ones. Domestic violence, loss of a parent, alcoholism, and neglect are just some of the situations that can scar young innocents and which cross all economic or geographical boundaries. I wanted to photograph this extensive repository of anguish, using dolls to evoke the fear, loneliness, and anger that all children, at times, experience.
I used older style dolls with cloth bodies to represent the very young in situations that portray sad and painful memories. The aged, cracked patina of their faces signifies the trauma and scars they endure and their expressions gave me a starting point for their stories.

These photographs are based on my earliest recollections, as well as stories told to me during my research for this project.  There is universality to the wounds that young people feel, wounds that can haunt them forever.