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L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' Second Place: (click on image for larger view)
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Curator Mara Zaslove: "The second place image by Betzi Stein differed from that of first place winner Larry Horowitz’s in that it seemed to have been choreographed with intent.  Yet, the outcome had a similar effect. Betzi’s images mirror each other, human to animal, and I wasn’t sure which one is anthropomorphized.  Do I reflect a dog’s character, or does it copy mine?  Again, it invited me to take a second look and then have a good laugh."

Question from Zaslove to Stein: "What was your intent when choreographing this image?

Betzi Stein: Thank you Mara for awarding my image, ’The Intellectuals’ second place in the ‘Comic Relief’ competition! I am thrilled!

My intent when creating this image was simply to amuse myself. Fortunately, Max was a dog who indulged my playing dress up with him, posing without complaint. In the spirit of dogs looking like and taking on their owners’ personality, it was a natural match up that I couldn’t resist."

As a representational figurative painter, I tell stories in my work, often humorous or poignant, of what I observe about the people I choose to depict. While I don’t consider myself to be a “photographer”, the source of my paintings are the photographs I take of the people around me and the world in which they live, preferably unobserved by them. It is from these images that my narrative unfolds.

An ongoing body of work explores relationships between people, usually in groups of two or three, and focuses on the often charming similarities that invariably evolve out of regular interaction between family members, lovers, friends, and working partners.

In another series, I pay homage to my 29-year career as a Massage Therapist, including in the work my hands, the tools of my trade, in their capacity as healer.

In my most recent series, I am exploring the idea that hands tell as much about people as their faces, and have embarked on a series of hand  portraits."

Stein's latest exhibitions have included:
Distinctive Voices, Santa Monica Art Studios, LAAA 15th Annual Juried Open and Topanga Canyon Gallery, juried by Susan Schomburg.

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