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L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' First Place: (click on image for larger view)
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Curator Mara Zaslove: "The first place image by Larry Horowitz jumped out at me when I was first looked through the entries. It really mirrored my sensibility of capturing a spontaneous moment that tweaks one’s sense of humor.  It took a second look to put all of the pieces in the image together and then have a good chuckle.  I was first drawn to the figure on the sand, but when my eye roamed, the next thing I saw was the sign on the fence, a double entendre, and then I also noticed the photo of the apartments.  It seemed like the man on the sand had the best of both worlds!"

Zaslove asks Horowitz, "Describe your process for capturing this image."

Larry Horowitz: " Technical info:  Sony Cyber-Shot.  ISO 200.  Shot in color and transposed to B & W. Process for capturing this image:I always look for the ironic or humorous when I am walking about with my camera.  Particularly signs that are incongruous with their surroundings.  This is one of them.

That the man is dressed in long pants and shoes as opposed to swim shorts is important to the photo.

It was necessary for me to take several shots from different angles and distances to get the feeling I was looking for.  That feeling was that this was the man's "apartment".  First I had to be close enough for the sign and the man to be in the frame.  With enough depth of field for the sign to be legible I also had to chose an angle and distance which left the actual apartment building out of the frame.  I also needed to frame the photo with no other people on the beach. Finally, to give the feeling that this was his living space, "apartment" on the beach, I needed to isolate him in the sand.  Sand all around him.  Implying, This was his space. His living area-his apartment.

For me the long pants adds to the illusion.  Its not the dress for a day at the beach. But it is for man relaxing at home."

More from Horowitz: "I have been a photographer for 50 years, always shooting people.Though photography has never been a significant source of income, I have over the years worked for national magazines and corporate sponsors of concert and sporting events.Today I shoot with my Iphone, Nikon D100, Sony Cyber-Shot.  I was away from photography for a number of years due to my eye sight. I could no longer focus a clear shot. Digital and auto focus rescued me. While I do not understand all of the technical aspects of today’s cameras. I have learned over 50 years, what, when and why to shoot the picture.
Photography is three disciplines:
A challenge to go out and bring back a good picture.
An art form that can bring forth emotions.
A record of a moment that will never be again.
For me, photography is never an obsession.  Always a pleasure.

Curator Steve Grody: "Social photography, humorous or poignant, means having that camera with you and keeping your eyes open."

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