First Place:
L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' First Place: (click on image for larger view)
MUD PUDDLES by Breanna Peterson
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Curator Meredith McGrane:
"Photographically speaking, there are few things I love more than strong storytelling narrative, framing, and a clear visual scan path.  Breanna Peterson’s image, 'Mud Puddles', presents all three, and then some.  My eye enters the image top left, right through the basketball hoop — and continues to bounce strategically and effortlessly through the image.  First down the soft focus of the child’s back framing the action, whose downturned head mimics that of the second young child.  I then visually bounce up to the girl in all her summertime wonder as she explores the magic of mud on her belly — a universal and timeless action of childhood.  There’s enough detail to know that this is the family home and the diagonal road assumes a trajectory that perhaps they came from something exciting out of frame left, and will carry on to more adventures on frame right.  This image was slam dunk for me.  Pun intended!  Well done, Breanna."

Question for Peterson from McGrane:
"I chose Beanna Peterson's Mud Puddles as my #1.  I LOVE it!  I'm a fan of her work, though I don't know her (in real life or on Fb).  I'd love for her to explain more about her approach and style to photographing her family.  The how, when, why -- in a way that would help others learn from her."
Breanna Peterson: "I photograph our every day to preserve my family's story and freeze this fleeting childhood, if but for a moment. It's also my creative outlet, as I navigate the roll of mom. I'm constantly inspired by my three young children, who keep me in a steady state of organized chaos. Our days are busy, mundane, adventurous, emotional, wild and wonderful. They are also ordinary, & they are ours. I find the conversion to black and white creates a sense of timelessness. A childhood experienced across continents and through generations, reminding me of yesterday and years ago, grounding me and rocking me, emotionally."

Curator Jane Szabo: "The winning image "Mud Puddles” by Breanna Peterson for the exhibit ’Childhood’ is a wonderfully layered photograph. Though the act of playing in the mud is typically one of pure joy, this B&W photograph, with its dark tones that obliterate the young child’s face, has a still and haunting quality. Not only does the photograph capture the “decisive moment," it seems to freeze time completely. Congratulations to Ms. Peterson for a successful image!"

Curator Susan Spiritus: "Clearly this image by Breanna Peterson, ‘Mud Puddles’ captured the moment when this child was in pure ecstasy enjoying the moment — and totally unaware of anything going on around her. She was engrossed in the sensory feelings of the mud, and even the presence of a stranger didn’t distract her. Congratulations to you for your first place achievement."

Curator Steve Zmak:"Breanna Peterson’s winning image “Mud Puddles” to me illustrates the ability of a child to insulate themselves from the stark cold world through their imaginations and play. The older child out-of-focus in the foreground is already fading out of the illusions of childhood, and into the real world where she can still witness the younger girl’s naiveté, but can’t fully participate anymore."

Breanna Peterson says of her work, 'Photographs have enthralled me for as long as I remember. It was as a child I unknowingly developed my connection with photography. I formally, and begrudgingly, picked up a camera in high school, and quickly became passionate about creating images. Time came and went and so did my relationship with photography. Once I had children, it resurfaced passionately, as a tool to preserve our everyday, organized chaos. I incorporate environmental and documentary portraiture to create images that tell stories of the ordinary day. My goal is to share with viewers the beauty that we sometimes lose sight of, as we go about our regular routines, as well as preserve our stories.'

Peterson is constantly inspired by her three young children, who keep her in a steady state of organized chaos. Their days are busy, mundane, adventurous, emotional, wild and wonderful. They are also ordinary, & they are theirs. Blending documentary and environmental portraiture, she creates images to preserve her family’s story and documents the beauty in the ordinary day. She uses the same approach in her client work. She is based in Kodiak, Alaska, where she was born and raised, and where a love for the outdoors, subsistence and adventure is encouraged; qualities she grew up with and ones they’re instilling in their own children. Breanna’s work has been selected to various exhibitions and published in a variety of magazines and photography blogs.

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