2023 Photographer of the Year
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The Net by Thouly Dosios
2023 Photographer of the Year

""The Net" by Thouly Dosios caught my attention in a call for entry for L.A. Photo Curator's competition 'Siblings'. The image stands out on several levels. Selecting an image deserving of Photographer of the Year is no small feat, but I was ultimately drawn to the message conveyed by this particular photograph.

In a world often saturated with challenges and negative news, this image, to me, serves as a powerful reminder that there is more good than bad around us.

The monochromatic portrayal of two children engrossed in play within the net captures the essence of spontaneous connections, urging a focus on the exquisite beauty of human relationships.

Dosios' deliberate choice to photograph in black and white adds depth and timelessness to the image. Stripping away the color simplifies the narrative, accenuating the emotion of the image, allowing viewers to connect on a deeper level with the playfulness and genuine connection of the children. 

The image encourages us to shift our focus towards the joyful aspects of everyday life, celebrating the ordinary yet profoundly beautiful moments that often go unnoticed. It's a celebration of the little things that make life rich and fulfilling.

In contemplating the imbalance in the news, where stories of happiness and connection are overshadowed by more sensational or distressing narratives, this photograph becomes a beacon of positivity. 

As someone who appreciates the impact of visuals and storytelling, I find myself drawn to the idea that this image can inspire a shift in perspective. It prompts us to be present, to focus on the good, and to celebrate the joyful and often overlooked aspects of our lives.

"The Net" becomes a visual reminder to embrace the joyful mundane, to be present in the beauty of everyday moments, and to share that unique positivity with the world."

Laurie Freitag
Founder & Director L.A/N.Y. Photo Curator
Thouly Dosios is a photographer and filmmaker. She holds an M.F.A. in Film Directing from UCLA and a B.A. in Visual Studies from Harvard University where she studied photography under Chris Killip and interned with Susan Meiselas. 

Thouly has since participated in workshops with Mary Ellen Mark, Sam Abell, Julia Dean and Constantine Manos.

For the last decade she has documented life in the streets of Los Angeles, as well as intimate moments of her own family life.

She is a member of the Los Angeles Street Collective. Thouly grew up in Athens, Greece, and currently lives in Los Angeles.